Pogopin connector
Pogopin connector

Pogopin connector

It belongs to a kind of precision electronic connector and plays a connecting role, including Pogopin connector needle Plunger (brass gold plated) needle tube Tube (brass gold plated) spring Spring (stainless steel) 3 parts
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Pogopin connector is a kind of precision electronic connector, which plays a connecting role, including Pogopin connector needle, Plunger (brass gold-plated), needle tube, Tube (brass gold-plated), Spring (stainless steel), and the bottom of the Plunger is usually beveled. Structure. The function of the inclined surface structure is to ensure that the pogo pin keeps the plunger in contact with the inner wall of the tube when it is working, so that the current mainly passes through the gold-plated plunger and the tube to ensure stable and low impedance.


The advantages of Pogopin connectors are significant, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, the reliability is strong, and the normal force is smaller than the shrapnel when the compression stroke changes the same.

2, Pogopin is small in size, saves space, and has a large range of use.

3. It is manufactured with high precision, and the contacts are precise.

4. Long service life, usually can be used 30000-100000 times, the impedance stability of the product is usually controlled within 30 milliohms, and it can be controlled within 50 milliohms after the life test, which is one of the reliable choices.

5, The appearance is exquisite, the texture is thick, and the surface is gold-plated and smooth, which is suitable for more high-level electronic products.

6. POGO PIN products have fast production speed, low input cost, and no need to open molds, so the efficiency of procurement has been greatly improved, and it meets the trend of rapid replacement of electronic products today.

Pogopin pogo pin
Pogopin pogo pin
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