Pogopin solutions application areas:

5G communication electronics, military communication equipment, mobile phones, wireless equipment, data communication equipment, telecommunications equipment

Smart communication electronics: Application fields of spring thimbles: Today, there are more and more manufacturers of spring thimbles, their applications are becoming more and more widely used, and the demand is also increasing sharply. Although spring thimbles are small, they can be widely used in mobile phones, computers, watch chains, smart phones, etc. Equipment, aviation, aerospace, military communications, military electronics and other fields; there are also applications such as automobiles and car navigation that are inseparable from us; in addition, it also involves high-end technologies such as medical equipment, wireless equipment, and data communication equipment.

(1) Compression spring: In all major fields, compression spring is widely used. Its 2 ends have many shapes: 2 seat rings, 2 flat ends, etc.

(2) Tension spring: Each coil will be wound into a spiral coil or pitch coil that is close to each other. When exposed to external force, it will extend outward and maintain the contraction force in the middle.

(3) Torsion spring: Double torsion spring is divided into outer double torsion spring and inner double torsion spring.

Safe use and maintenance of high current needles

For the environment, the operating temperature of high-current pins must be within a suitable range. If the temperature is too high, the components will be damaged. If the temperature is too low, it will also affect the function of the connector, and may even cause some unnecessary problems due to cracking of the external insulation system. The key is that the loss will directly affect work efficiency when used.

Connectors will also be greatly affected in humid environments and are prone to short circuits and electrical connections. In this case, connectors and other components must be strictly sealed to ensure safe use.

The use of connectors under corrosive environmental conditions should be paid great attention to. Anti-corrosion treatment of the insulation layer is not only a functional problem, but may also cause unnecessary accidents. Production safety is the first priority and provides good protection for the connector. The use environment is the prerequisite and guarantee.

When the connector is used at high altitude and low pressure, it needs to be handled. Especially when the voltage is abnormal, the necessary voltage resistance treatment must be carried out first, and then the principles of use are considered. This is safer and the function of the connector will be better. Effect. Connectors, as electrical components, must be used safely during use and maintained properly. The most scientific method is to improve efficiency and extend service life.