Pogopin solution application areas include:

Consumer electronics (printers, smartphones, notebooks, tablets, atomizers and e-cigarettes, LED lamps)

Consumer electronics: Semiconductor test probes (high-frequency probes) are mainly used in BGA chip testing, micro BGA components, test racks, mobile phones, computers, communications, etc.; its application rating is 500MHz, and the number of needles used in the test Depending on the specific BGA IC and its fixture specifications, the spacing of the test fixtures varies from 0.4\/0.5\/0.65\/0.75\/1.0\/1.27\/2\/2.54MM.

Semiconductor test probes (high-frequency needles) are mainly used in industries such as mobile phones, computers, communications, etc. Almost all major chip industries are promoted to use semiconductor test probes, and the largest demand is in the chip packaging and testing industry.