How to choose an antenna thimble


With the rise of smart wearables, mobile phones are getting thinner and thinner, and fast charging has promoted the increase in the demand for high-current connectors, making the application of antenna thimbles more frequent. Now all smart digital products on the market basically use antenna thimbles, only some of which are low Terminal products may still use old-fashioned connectors. Next, let me tell you what to pay attention to when choosing an antenna thimble?


1. Selection of the working stroke of the antenna thimble

When choosing an antenna thimble, be sure to look at the space of the product used and choose one within the working range; if the space is too small, the spring of the antenna thimble will be over-compressed, affecting the service life. If the space is too large, the contacts will not be in place and the impedance Unstable, the phenomenon will be disconnected instantly.

2. Selection of antenna thimble plating material

Electroplating materials have the functions of increasing conductivity, anti-oxidation, and anti-wear in the antenna thimble. Different materials have different functions, such as gold, which has good conductivity. For high-current connectors, products with high impedance requirements generally use electroplating gold.


3. What is the effect of the thickness of the antenna thimble plating?

When the antenna thimble is working, long-term use will cause certain friction and wear. The thickness of the coating has a great influence on the service life of the product. When it is used to a certain extent, the coating will be worn, which may lead to excessive resistance and unstable impedance. The 100,000 times antenna thimble coating must be thicker than 10,000 times, so when choosing products, you must choose the coating requirements according to your needs.

4. Influence of antenna thimble elasticity

The contact force of the antenna thimble comes from the internal spring, and the spring force will directly affect the impedance and stability of the antenna thimble. Excessive elastic force will increase the friction coefficient and affect the service life of the antenna thimble.

Through the above four factors, the antenna thimble can be selected under different products, different use environments, and price factors.